Buying a Home

Buying a home is a challenge in and of itself, but the struggle before you even choose your perfect home is, “Do I buy a new home, or a used home?”. There are pros and cons to either choice.

Used Home

Often times, people think that buying an older home is not a smart decision. That is simply not the case. The benefit of looking at an older home is one can find at times unique building designs that a buyer would not find in a new build. As time fades, so do building styles. Sometimes an older home can be purchased at a lower price than the newer home. The buyer can invest some money into the structure to modernize it and can also improve its efficiency. There are a lot of things a buyer could do with an older house without hurting the structural integrity of the home.

New Home

Sometimes newer homes aren’t always as glorious as some think either. Does a newer home appear to be nicer than a 40-year-old home? Generally, yes. Is the newer home more efficient? In most cases, yes. So, why doesn’t everyone buy a new home? Outside of cost, is there really any “con” to buying a new build? To simply put it, just because something says “new”, doesn’t mean it was built correctly, it doesn’t mean it won’t break, and it definitely doesn’t mean that you will never have a problem. Hiring the right builder/design team to help you through the building/buying process is key. A company that takes pride in their work is worth investing in.

However, buying a brand new house can have its advantages. Codes and specifications change all of the time. A new house should be built with the most current adopted codes and the most up-to-date adopted specifications. A newer home will also typically have fresh paint, new carpet or floor coverings, and new appliances. Another advantage of a new home is that the heater, the A/C, and the water heater are also brand new. Buying or designing a new home definitely has its perks!!

At Accurate Home Services, we can help you design and build the very dream home you have wanted, but we can also help you take on the feat of remodeling the older style home to make it fit YOU.