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The inspection service provided by Accurate Inspect was worth every penny. I had many questions pertaining to new home construction and Larry answered every question and then some before I even hired him. This unexpected customer service with such a helpful attitude and positive energy made the decision to hire Accurate Inspection an easy one. Each physical inspection phase was thorough and the inspection reports were timely, exceptional and professional. As a first-time buyer of a new construction home, I desperately needed someone like Larry in my corner. I had a thousand and one questions and Larry provided two-thousand and two answers, providing guidance and answers to questions I didn’t even know I should be asking. Real estate agent’s knowledge is limited when it comes to new construction and the latest building codes and customary building practices. Larry’s exceptional experience and knowledge were evident during each phase of construction. I learned more from Larry about the building of a new home than I did from my real estate agent, new home sales counselor, and new home construction superintendent combined. Some inspection services may be taken for granted at great detriment to the consumer. As consumers, we often make the mistake of assuming the person we hired will actually perform the service we hired them for and perform the service well. With Larry, this assumption can be freely made because there is no doubt Larry knows what he is doing, enjoys what he does, and does it with exceptional knowledge, experience, class, and professionalism. Larry is a man of exceptional character and Accurate Inspect is definitely a service provider consumers can trust. A big thanks to Larry for assuring my family will enjoy our new home for many years to come.

Richard Walker August 11, 2017