You might see them in grocery stores swarming the onions or in your kitchen around your bananas. What are these little flies that seem to favor produce and spoiled foods?  Chances are they are probably fruit flies, also known as vinegar flies. Good news is, you’re eating healthy!  Bad news is, they are extremely hard to get rid of, incredibly annoying and multiply rapidly.

The entire life cycle of a fruit fly, from egg to adult, takes only about eight to ten days so they multiply quickly, laying up to 500 eggs at a time. Commonly their eggs are laid around rotting or spoiled fruit, but they can also lay their eggs in garbage disposals, empty bottles or cans and garbage bags.

Due to their rapid reproduction fruit flies are extremely hard to get rid of. The first step in eliminating them is to find the source of attraction. Don’t leave ripened fruit or vegetables out. Keep all fruits and vegetables refrigerated and dispose cores, peals and shavings properly.

Other suggestions are to remove kitchen trash daily, and keep counter surfaces clean and sanitized.

We Can Solve Your Fly Problem

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