Most spiders are relatively harmless to have around, but you certainly don’t want to be overrun with them. They react to things differently than other bugs and you may want to take some special steps in removing spiders from your home.

Vacuum Your Home

The first thing you can do to help in removing spiders is to vacuum your whole home, taking care to remove any cobwebs you see. The purpose of this is to try to eliminate any egg sacs or spiders living with the egg sac on their bodies.


The next step in removing spiders from your home is to discourage them to enter! Light attracts spiders, just like other bugs. Keeping the exterior of your home illuminated at night may actually encourage spiders to enter. Also, keeping things like woodpiles or leaf piles near your house tend to provide a cozy place for them to live and multiply before entering.

Seal Holes

Seal any holes in the exterior of your home. You should check for holes in such places as gaps around doors and windows and cracks in the foundation. You can caulk around windows and weather stripping around doors to help prevent spiders from getting into your home.

Even if you plan to work with a professional exterminator, completing these steps prior to the exterminator’s visit will help ensure the continued success of the chemicals used to keep the spiders out.

Call a Pest Control Professional

Spiders feed mostly on insects, so working with a spider exterminator may be your best bet for removing spiders from your home, as well as the insects providing a food source. Accurate Home Services can consult and help with removing spiders from your home.