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Termite Control

When it comes to pests, termites are usually referred to as the silent killers and rightfully so. At times known as white ants, termites can feed on wood 24 hours a day. This does imply that a termite infestation can easily turn into a major problem. According to research, each year, termites cause more than $ 5 billion in property damage- these costs are not covered by homeowner’s insurance policies. This is why it is very important to be very vigilant when it comes to termite treatment and control. Generally, the first sign of termite season is usually the presence of swarmers looking to start a new colony. These are basically winged females and males that are released by a colony once it matures. If they survive, they will settle, shed their wings and then go ahead to form a new colony. This usually happens in late spring through fall, depending on the geographical location and species.

Why You Need Home Termite Inspection

Termites generally digest wood and other cellulose material, breaking down any dead wood as well as present vegetation. To effectively undertake a termite extermination exercise, it is important to first and foremost identify the type of termite that has infested your property. In the US, the three most common termite invaders are Drywood, Dampwood, and Subterranean. The dampwood termites are the largest, live in damp and decaying wood and require regular contact with water. The drywood colonizes wood above the ground and don’t need contact with soil to survive. The subterranean has numerous species and is one of the most destructive and aggressive termites and can form a carton nest above the ground, significantly limiting the need for ground contact. Getting the most appropriate treatment method is no walk in the park and it is highly recommended that one engages the services of a qualified termite pest control specialist for the best results.

Hire the Right Termite Pest Control Contractor

At Accurate Home Services, we are well versed with the latest, most effective termite control solution to all our clients. We do appreciate that every case is unique and because of that, we are quite flexible with our solutions. The first thing we do for our clients is to perform a thorough termite inspection so as to first, identify the type of termite infesting the home and secondly, identifying the extent of the infestation and then coming up with a solution. We recommend different termite control services based on the species of termite identified; a case in point is the subterranean termite, the two main treatment options that we use include the conventional termite service as well as Ehrlich’s monitoring/baiting termite service. The conventional method usually involves the injection of a liquid termite product into the soil so as to form a protective barrier whereas the baiting and monitoring method involves the strategic placement of bait stations or spots around and inside the structure. For dry wood termites, we do primarily recommend spot treatment service or fumigation service, depending on certain factors.

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