Silverfish Home Inspection in Porter TX

Silverfish Control

A normal household can easily fall victim to a wide range of unwanted pests. Silverfish is one such pest. A slippery, quick insect that thrives on eating anything organic, from food crumbs to nails and lots of other things in between. They prefer living in damp, cool places and when found in a household they would most likely be found in the basement, bathroom or kitchen. They basically frequent rooms with water pipes and are sensitive to light. Their diet does consist of substances that contain starch such as cereals, starched clothes, cardboard and even book bindings or paper that has paste or glue.

Why Is Home Silverfish Inspection Important?

Since they are sensitive to light, many homeowners don’t even know that they have them in their homes. Silverfish extermination is also not very easy since they prefer darkness and are thus almost impossible to see during the day, can stay for long, even a year without food and also reproduce pretty fast. In fact, chances are that you will only come to know that your home is infested when you start seeing skin droppings. Generally, there are two principal ways of silverfish control; these are natural and chemical methods. Apart from just being plain embarrassing, silverfish are known to eat potted plants, eat household cereals and damage your home slowly. Even though many people try the physical squishing method, this is not only dirty but it is almost impossible to successfully exterminate them using such a method.

Finding the Right Silverfish Extermination Contractor

At Accurate Home Services, we have the expertise and personnel to take care of all your pest control needs, silverfish included. We do undertake quarterly general pest control of pill bugs, roaches, silverfish, termites, and ants. When it comes to silverfish control, we have lots of options at our disposal. We can opt to use silverfish traps which contain some sort of bait that the pests enjoy that’s been poisoned with some insecticide. Such kits are ideal for pouring into the crevices and cracks which you would otherwise not be able to reach. Alternatively, we can deal with the infestation using insecticides that are odorless, safe to use and very effective. In addition to the above, we also offer our clients some tried and tested tips on how to ensure that these pests don’t re-appear again once they have been successfully exterminated. Many of our clients are usually surprised when we suggest to them simple measures such as vacuuming crevices and cracks frequently and reducing the number of dimly lit spaces or rooms in your home. Whether you opt for a chemical or natural solution, we promise to use an effective and efficient silverfish treatment solution and eliminate these pests from your home.

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