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Why Do You Need Home Inspection Ant Control Services?

Ants are generally social insects that live in colonies. Even though having a few ants inside your property or home might seem harmless, however, if left unchecked, you might have to deal with a more serious issue of ant infestation. Ants can enter your home through the tiniest cracks as they seek water and greasy or sweet food substances in the store room or kitchen pantry areas. It is also worth mentioning that they usually leave an invisible chemical trail that contains what’s known as pheromones for other ants to follow once they locate or get the food source. Typically, colonies can be anything between 300,000 to 500,000, a significant number of intruders, whichever way you look at it. This makes ant control very vital.

Additionally, a colony can live for a relatively long time, as a matter of fact; it is not uncommon for worker ants to live seven years. The queen can live for as long as fifteen years. Unfortunately, most of the do-it-yourself control methods only kill ants that are visible to the naked eye. Even though they like sweet things, ants are not picky either and can, therefore, find very many sources of food. This does imply that even if you clean your house and eliminate traces of food, ants will still be able to identify other sources of food to sustain them. Research has also shown that ants can travel some distance, as far away 2 football fields when hunting for food. There are generally two main types of ant problems that are commonly encountered with ants; these include ants that live outside the house and forage inside your home for food and ants that already have a nest built inside your property. The ant control strategy that you adopt should, therefore, depend on the type of ant as well as the type of infestation. This is best done by a well-qualified ant removal expert.

Hiring an Ant Exterminator to do the Job

At Accurate Home services, we have years of experience in this sector. We are a well-recognized home services firm that specializes in pest controlhome inspections as well as home construction and remodeling. This team of professionals is led by Larry Ty Fleming; an ICC code certified Residential Combination Inspector and an ant exterminator par excellence. He is also a professional inspector, licensed by TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission). In addition to the above, Larry is also a Fee Inspector who is able to perform FHA inspections; he is also a fee inspector for Montgomery County. As recognition of our professionalism, we were selected as a finalist for the prestigious Lone Star College System Small Business of the year 2010 award. We not only have the skills but also have the requisite personnel to help manage and get rid of ants completely. As a team, you can stay rest assured that we shall bring our experience to bear on any project that we undertake – however small or big it is.

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