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Safe Pest Control

Pests can be destructive when they enter your home, some such as termites can eat through timber structures and destroy them completely. Moreover, they can easily climb into living spaces and bite anyone who’s around. Ants and bugs like silverfish can also cause damage to your home. Consider getting an ant control or silverfish extermination service.

Whereas adults can endure the pain of termite bites, kids may not have the same pain threshold and will suffer a lot as they wait for help to come from their parents. The only way to prevent vermin from causing such disaster is calling pest control for termite treatment.

Moreover, some pests such as rats may enter the kitchen and eat food reserves like bread or sugar. Consequently, they leave the food dirty and unsafe for human consumption. They could also chew on your clothes, shoes or any other valuable items you have inside the house such as money.

Why Is Pest Control Essential?

When not removed in good time, pests will multiply in number and become even worse than before. They can also spread disease like rabies which is known to affect rats, this disease is quite expensive to treat and may also be deadly when not cured soon enough. Furthermore, it reduces productivity at work plus children may also be affected in such a way that their health and school work will dwindle.

In worse case scenarios, termites are known to completely destroy wooden structures, especially those found in the backyard such as granaries or kennels. When such structures collapse after being consumed by termites, you’ll have no other option but to dig deep into your pockets and build new ones.

Furthermore, pests can damage the ceiling board including its support structure which may come down tumbling if the destruction done is too much.

Get the Help of a Trusted Pest Control Company

Accurate Home Service offers affordable pest control home inspections and management solutions for the residents of Porter TX. We have more than 20 years’ experience in the pest control field, through which time we have managed to acquire sufficient knowledge for handling all types of vermin problems.

Our Pest Control technicians also use modern pest removal techniques which are efficient and safe to the environment. We are located at 24420 FM1314 Suite 15, Porter, TX 77365. Feel free to visit us at any time.

Professional Pest Control When You Need It

Seeing critters in your home can ruin even the best day. It’s not something any of us plan for, and that’s why we’re available when you need us when these pest emergencies arise. Our staff is on standby to make sure that your pest control needs are taken care of so that you can feel a peace of mind knowing that your home is free of unwelcome critters. So don’t panic—we are prepared to remedy any critter crisis that may come up.

Common Pest Control Questions

How much will pest control cost me?

This depends on the type of pests that we are dealing with as well as the extent of the infestation. If only one or two rooms have been affected, then it would cost less than when the entire house has a vermin problem. Additionally, emergency services may require you to pay more due to the impromptu nature of this particular work.

Do you offer pet-friendly pest control services?

Yes. We use certified treatment solutions that are not just safe for humans but pets as well. Our products don’t contain hazardous chemicals that can harm your beloved animal.

When is it appropriate to call pest control?

Quarterly general inspection is recommended which is about once in every 3 months. Otherwise, if you see any telltale signs of an infestation no matter the day or month just give us a call and we’ll check it out.

Is pest control a safe procedure for newborn babies?

The eco-friendly products we use make our pest removal procedures 100% safe for newborn babies. However, parents are still advised to have a keen eye on their kids during this process. Some vermin, such as rats, can escape frantically while being flashed out and come into contact with the toddler.

Should I sign a contract for annual pest control in my home?

It depends on the extent in which you need pest control services, if you live in a region that’s prone to pest invasions then we highly recommend that you sign the annual contract for convenience sake.

Do you use safe pest control materials?

All our materials have been approved by relevant safety authorities, they are safe to use in your home.

Are you guaranteed a pest free home by hiring pest control experts?

With removal and continuous management, your home will be absolutely free from vermin. We shall also give you tips on how to reduce the chances of encountering an infestation.

Must I conduct a monthly pest control service for my home?

It’s not a must to do a monthly inspection or control in your house, but if you want we can still arrange a service on your behalf. We are quite flexible in our operations.

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