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You see a house, you fall in love with it, and you’re ready to put in an offer to purchase. It’s an exciting prospect, but it can also scary because it’s a huge commitment. We all know that sellers are legally bound to let you know if there’s something significantly wrong with the house, but sometimes, they may not know about the issue themselves.

Termites, for example, can hide in beams / wood for years, and no one might notice until the damage is devastating. Your dream home could very well turn into a nightmare further along the line unless you take every step to check the house out before you buy it.

This is where a property inspection conducted by a licensed and certified home inspector will pay dividends for you. At Accurate Home Services / Accurate Inspect, we understand how important real estate inspections are to reducing the risk of problems with a property.

Our Kingwood home inspection service is one of the most thorough out there – our inspector, Larry Fleming, is fully licensed and qualified. More importantly, though, he has over twenty years of experience in the industry.

We are proud members of the Kingwood, TX, house inspection community, and we’re happy to help new and existing residents ensure that their homes are safe.

Protecting You & Your Family with a Home Inspection

When it comes to buying a new property, it’s important to be able to look past any cosmetic improvements and check whether there are fundamental issues in terms of structural damage or termite infestation.

Checking for significant damage goes beyond making sure that there are no cracks in the walls. Sometimes the signs are there, but they’re hard for an amateur to detect. Many times, however, a trained inspector is able to see what potential problems might arise later.

Move-In Inspections

Make sure that the home that you want to buy for you and your family is safe by hiring us to check it out for you. Considering that this is one of the biggest investments you’ll make, a home inspection is money well spent. We will go beyond simply checking for existing structural damage. We’ll also look for signs of water leakage that could create problems for you later.

We know exactly what signs to look out for. We’ve got plenty of experience in this industry and can tell what indicates trouble on the horizon.

Regular Inspections

Even after the sale goes through, keep our phone number on hand. Once you’ve moved into your new home, it’s important to conduct an inspection at least once a year to make sure that everything is in tip-top shape. That way, you can catch potential problems before they get worse.

This is especially important with damage caused by termites, which like to hide deep within the wood structures of a building. By the time you actually start seeing the damage, it’s often already advanced.  

Save yourself a bundle on expensive repairs at a later date by ensuring that your home is properly inspected at least once a year. With any luck, we won’t find anything, but if there is something wrong, you’ll be able to handle it quickly and more affordably in the early stages.  

We Deliver Peace of Mind

At Accurate Home Services / Accurate Inspect, we provide the homeowner or the new buyer with peace of mind. A home is one of the most important investments you’ll ever make, and you need to know that you’re making the right one.

Setting up an inspection before the sale goes through is fiscally responsible and an excellent way to ensure that you’re getting a good deal. If it comes out later that the homeowner hid a major flaw from you, you do have some legal recourse, but that’s only if you can prove that the homeowner knew about the issue. You don’t want to rely on a lawsuit to protect your investment.

Once you’ve found the right house, it’s important to maintain it properly to ensure that it retains its value. Accurate Home Services / Accurate Inspect can help you check for any potential problems during an annual inspection. You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your family is safe in the home that you bought.

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