Home Inspection in Porter TX

Larry Ty Fleming is (ICC) code certified # 5188493-R5 as a Residential Combination Inspector. He is also TREC licensed (TREC # 4860) with the Texas Real Estate Commission with a Professional Inspector designation. In addition to the above, Larry is also designated as a Fee Inspector and able to perform FHA inspections. Larry also performs draw inspections for lenders, phase inspections for new construction, performed inspections for the Texas Residential Construction Commission, and is also a fee inspector for Montgomery County. AccurateInspect has also been selected as a finalist for the Lone Star College System Small Business of The Year 2010 Award.


Home Inspection Services We Offer

TREC Inspections

If you are buying a home (other than new construction) in the state of Texas and needing a real estate inspection, you will need what is known as a TREC inspection. The Texas Real Estate Commission has established the Standards of Practice for licensed real estate inspectors in the state of Texas.

Larry Ty Fleming is licensed with the Texas Real Estate Commission, TREC # 4860. He is licensed with TREC as a Professional Inspector, which is their highest designation. In addition to the state license, Larry is also code certified with the International Code Council as a Residential Combination Inspector. His code certification number is 5188493-R5.

The price for a TREC inspection is generally based on the age of the home, square footage, and other factors that need to be determined prior to the inspection.

The TREC inspection generally takes about 2 hours to complete (depending on the condition of the home). The inspection will look at the mechanical, structural, electrical and plumbing components of the home. Items that may not be performing their intended function will be noted and reported to you. After the TREC inspection is completed, a report will be generated within 24 hours. This report can be faxed, e-mailed, snail mailed, or other. Just let the inspector know at the time of the inspection how you would like to receive the report.

Builder Inspections

If you are a builder in need of a code certified warranty inspector, AccurateInspect is the right company for you.

Larry Ty Fleming has performed thousands of warranty inspections for builders throughout the entire Greater Houston area, including but not limited to Harris, Montgomery, Ft. Bend, Liberty, Brazoria, Chambers and surrounding counties.

Accurateinspect can perform inspections for Residential Warranty Company of Texas, Home 2-10 Warranty company, and several others.

As stated in the state law, a builder must have a 10-year structural warranty for each house built. If AccurateInspect can help you with your 10-year warranty program, please let us know.

FHA Inspections

If you are a mortgage company and handle FHA loans, AccurateInspect would welcome the opportunity to assist you with the Fee Inspection needed for the FHA loan.

Larry Ty Fleming is a designated Fee Inspector and able to perform FHA inspections.

Draw Inspections

If you are a mortgage company, bank or lending institution in need of draw inspections, AccurateInspect is able to assist.

AccurateInspect generally performs draw inspections on a “next day” basis. Pictures can be taken and emailed if desired. Call AccurateInspect and we will discuss the type of inspection that you require.

One Year Inspections

If you have been living in your new house for less than one year, AccurateInspect performs one-year warranty inspections.

Builders give a new homeowner one year to bring items to their attention that need to be corrected. Have AccurateInspect perform a one-year warranty inspection before your one year anniversary arrives.

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