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Building a new home is a very exciting undertaking for anyone who is involved in it. However, it is fairly self-evident that successful home building does require that the new home builder knows not only the parts involved but also appreciate and understand the steps of building your new home, how all the parts go together and in what order they follow each other. There are lots of challenges though that one may come across or undergo during this important undertaking. First and foremost, many prospective homeowners lack the necessary knowledge of the building process. Because of this, many realize quite late that they have foregone control of their investment and end up looking up to the builder as their sole source of professional advice and guidance. In most instances, this over-reliance on the builder to successfully fulfill their responsibilities and meet expectations often end up in disappointment. Because building a new home is probably one of the largest financial commitments you will make, the importance of protecting your investment cannot be overemphasized.

Hiring The Right New Home Builders

Other challenges that anyone undertaking a new home construction is bound to face include failure to visit the site together with the contractor to keenly analyze the surroundings, identify potential obstacles, note specific conditions and evaluate site circumstances. This is critical because once the construction begins and the builder didn’t note any special circumstances, then as the homeowner, you will be expected to pay for these extra costs. Another challenge that one is bound to face is the failure to make progress construction inspections. This is especially quite prevalent if that particular builder relies on his or her subcontractor to establish the completeness and quality of their work.

Again, builders contracts are always builder favored, this does make them very self-serving. Most of these contracts use open-ended language pertaining to a variety of condition costs with a good number of them having lots of unaddressed quality standards coupled with very weak performance commitments. It is, therefore, important to consistently engage the builder, raise your concerns without fear, re-negotiate where you are not comfortable and consult widely before signing any binding contract with a builder of your choice. Make sure you double vet the document and have an attorney with some construction or building background to go through the document as well. Another area where many people experience challenges includes excessive charges for change orders which are made during construction. It is highly recommended that you keep your change orders to a bare minimum, as a matter of fact; you should strive to have none. This is important because a charge order typically occurs once you have engaged the builder and he or she is on site. This then usually means that if you ask for a change, the builder can charge you whatever they deem fit within reason.

Getting the Right Person for New Home Construction

At Accurate Home Services, we have been performing real estate inspections for the past 17 years and counting. During this period, we have worked with both simple and complex new home construction plans. As a team, we have valuable experience in virtually all phases of any new home construction process; from site preparation and pouring of foundation to the pre-settlement walk through where you are acquainted with features of your new home and the operation of various components and systems. With us, you can stay rest assured that we shall faithfully and accurately undertake periodic inspections during the course of construction. In addition to the mandatory inspections for code compliance, we do also undertake quality checks at important and critical points in the process. We do this so as to catch as many potential problems as soon as possible before the construction goes any further. With thousands of paid inspections under our belt, you can be assured that we are truly the company to engage “when qualifications count and experience matters”. We never disappoint our clients, and to prove this, we have a long list of satisfied clients who can vouch for our work.

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