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Bathroom Remodeling

Why Hire Bathroom Remodeling Services?

Hiring a bathroom remodeling contractor in Porter, TX will ensure you get the best bathroom remodel services. This will prevent you from making expensive and potentially dangerous mistakes with your bathroom remodeling project.

Importance of Bathroom Remodel Services

Failure to get a bathroom remodel contractor will make you susceptible to wastage of material. You might also waste a lot of time on the project, as well as harm yourself and/or others in the process of renovating your bathroom.

Innovative Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

However, when you hire a contractor like Accurate Home Services, you are going to reduce wastage, ensure that the project is completed within time, and enjoy a wide variety of innovative bathroom remodeling ideas – which you would not have got if you had decided to run with the project on your own.

Bathroom Remodeling FAQ’s

Q: What does it cost to remodel a bathroom?

A: When you plan bathroom remodeling in Porter TX, you probably want to increase your home’s resale value, update the washroom’s look, and/or add more storage, amenities, and functionality.

However, the scope of your project (as well as its cost) will depend on a wide variety of factors. The cost of remodeling bathrooms depends on your budget, how long you have been in the house, and how long you intend to live there. Talk to Accurate Home Services for rough estimates of the cost of remodeling bathrooms.

Q: How does a bathroom remodeling typically take from start to finish?

A: This will also depend. The scope of your bathroom remodeling project will dictate how long the process will take. For instance, if you wish to relocate your fixtures and reconfigure the room, actual construction might take a bit longer. Moving fixtures also require building permits – which will add to the time.

To better understand how long it will take, here is a sample timeline our bathroom remodel contractors take for most projects:

1 week: Meeting with remodeling contractors for free bathroom design consultation and receiving proposal

2-3 weeks: Meeting at our showroom, finalizing the project scope, and clarifying the terms of the Remodel Agreement

1-4 weeks: Selecting the right materials and add-ons for the project

3-6 weeks: Ordering materials and getting them delivered

1 week: Demolition of old appliances and materials and removing them

2-3 weeks: Installing new appliances and materials, as well as electric, plumbing, flooring and painting works

1-2 weeks: Final touches and area clean up

Q: What features should I plan to invest the most in for new bathroom?

A: Depending on your taste and style, the wall and floor tiles tend to be the most expensive consideration irrespective of the bathroom remodeling ideas that Accurate Home Services will go on. Other expenses to consider include the shower system and all fixtures.

Q: What type of return on investment can I expect from bathroom remodeling if I sell my home?

A: Typically, bathrooms have the best returns on investment for people looking to resell their home. In large metropolitan areas, returns range between 116% and 136.3%.

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