Custom Home Builder Services in Porter TX

custom home builder services

Custom home builder plans are meant to help you streamline your home’s design so that you get a house that is unique and which will stand out from the rest of the buildings in your block.

With custom designed homes, you are going to solve a whole lot of problems – including, but not limited to, expensive project costs, delayed timelines, and failed appliances.

Why Choose Us As Your Custom Home Builder?

Accurate Home Services has the custom home builder plans you are looking for. When you hire us you will get professionally-designed home plans that will streamline your construction. By the end of the project, everything will have gone according to plan – particularly the costs and the timeline laid down at the beginning of the construction project.

Custom Home Builder FAQ’s

Q: How much does it cost to build a custom home?

A: Building a custom home comes with fluctuating costs. Accurate Home Services has a wide variety of custom home builder plans for floors, features, and home sites to fit almost every sort of budget. This is why most of our standard features are considered as upgrades in other areas. The final cost, however, will depend on the selections you make and your personal style.

Q: How long does it take to build a custom home?

A: We will complete your custom home within 6 months. From the start of the framing, the project should take 120 days. At the end of it all, we will have ensured that are comfortable with every decision you make and our unique building processes.

Q: What occurs during closing on my new custom home?

A: A month before closing on your new custom home, our Warranty Coordinator will meet with you to review the warranty documentation and discuss the setting up of cable garbage and other utilities. Your loan officer and real estate attorney will also guide you on the proper documents and paperwork required to close your home loan. After everything is ready, you will receive a home binder with all your home information and warranties, as well as the keys to the new home.

Q: Is it ok to visit my home while under construction?

A: Yes. However, we will have to schedule the site visit through Accurate Home Services’ Site Coordinator to ensure your safety at the construction site.

Q: What can I expect at my first custom homebuilding appointment?

A: We will spend time to know you and understand how you would like the custom home building project to proceed. As a professional custom home builder, Accurate Home Services will provide you with the products and ideas that will best suit your requirements.

The first appointment will be with our expert Kitchen Designer to arrange the design of your new kitchen. After, you will talk to the Interior Designer to make your personal style come through at the end of the project.

Q: Do you have model homes open for inspection?

A: Yes, we do. We also hold open houses every once in a while for most of the homes we build – both during the construction phase and at their completion.

Q: When can I start moving my possessions into my new home?

A: Owners can move in any time after we close the custom designed homes.

Q: What are the steps in building a new custom home?

A: We will:

  • Review different floor plans and lots
  • Take you through our design center
  • Organize a meeting with our site supervisor
  • Draw your floor plan
  • Prepare a contract with the builder
  • Draw up your home plan designs and blueprint
  • Plan how to build the home and finish it according to your personalized custom home builder plans
  • Get the building permit and receive your bank’s mortgage commitment
  • Start excavating and digging up the foundation for the home
  • Frame the building and complete it

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