During the colder months many adult insects die off when frost arrives, but leave eggs behind to start next year’s population. Different insects have different ways of surviving. Some move to warmer climates, others burrow in the leaves and under bark for protection. Unfortunately, your warm home may be irresistible to insects seeking shelter from the cold.

Pests Coming In

In the fall, insects begin looking for more permanent shelter from the cold therefore as winter approaches you may see an increase of insects in your home. If your home has vinyl siding, insects may gather underneath the siding, where they are protected from the elements and warmed by your home’s heating. Any crack large enough for an insect to crawl through is an open invitation to come indoors. Poorly caulked window frames allow easy entry into your home so you may find them gathered around windows ledges. Usually, home-invading insects stay inside your home’s walls during the winter however on sunny days, they may make an appearance on your walls or windows.

Get rid of Unwanted House Guests Today

No one likes the company of unwanted house guests but make sure not to squish them. Many insects that come indoors emit foul defensive odors when injured or threatened, and some even ooze liquids that can stain your walls and furnishings. Want to keep insects and spiders out of your house? Call Accurate Home Services today!