The kids are out of school, days are getting longer and nights are getting hotter.  Summer is upon us and what better way to cool off and entertain the kids than a pool in your very own backyard.  However, in more ways than one, a pool is a major investment. You’re not only expected to invest cash, but also time, energy, and inevitably yard space.

Things to Consider Before Hiring a Professional

Before suiting up for your first cannon ball make sure you think through the process, before and after construction. Below you will find a few things to consider before hiring a professional:

  • Can I afford a pool?

  • Is my yard laid out properly to support a pool?

  • Are there zoning restrictions that will prevent me from building a pool?

  • What is the timeframe for construction?

  • Are there safety rules that I should know?

  • How will this affect my insurance?


Aside from the initial pool construction, you as the homeowner must consider the monthly and annual maintenance costs of a pool. Additional cost to consider will range from equipment costs to insurance.  The cost for pool chemicals averages $75 per month depending on the size of pool, how often it is used and climate.  Insurance coverage for swimming pools is part of homeowners insurance.  A majority of insurance companies raise premiums for owning a swimming pool.  Before purchasing, speak with your agent for a better understanding of your insurance rates.

For additional information or to speak to a professional about pool design and installation contact Accurate Home Services.