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Construction Consulting

Looking for a construction consultant in Porter, TX? Then you are making the right decision. Without contracting such a consultant, your project has higher chances of resulting in failure.

The Importance of Construction Consulting Services

Further, the construction consulting company you hire will ensure that your project is completed on time and within budget. This means you won’t waste valuable resources like you would have if you had not opted to get the construction consulting service they provide.

Hire an Expert Construction Consulting Company

To ensure that your construction project is handled with care and professionalism, therefore, it is imperative that you hire a construction consulting company. At Accurate Home Services, we have the experience, expertise, enthusiasm, and knowledge you are looking for. Through our professional construction consulting service, therefore, we will handle your project with great care to ensure that it flows smoothly, wastage is reduced, and the appropriate timelines are kept.

Consulting Services FAQ’s

Q: What is the flow of a construction consulting contract?

A: First, you need to contact Accurate Home Services via email, phone or through our website. We will ask you for details about your project and prepare materials according to your requirements. We will also invite you to our office or visit you. If you are located far from our office, we will post the materials to you.

Additionally, we will conduct interviews and hold meetings with you to fully understand every aspect of the project, what you intend to achieve, and your particular needs and requirements.

Then, we will submit a professional construction consulting service proposal that will include a tentative schedule. At this point, we will not charge you any fee – if one is necessary, however, we will inform you in advance.

After you have clearly understood what our construction consultant company will do for you, we will send you an estimate of the cost of the service. Once you approve the estimates, we will sign a contract with you after we have come to a satisfactory agreement.

Q: What are consulting services?

A: As a construction consulting company, Accurate Home Services provides a wide variety of construction consulting services. We use professional project management methods to ensure you get the high quality and low cost building you intend to put up.

We also collaborate with other contractors and designers to ensure your project turns out into a high quality endevour. Additionally, we provide such services as:

  • Investigating and inspecting building sites
  • Identify key issues
  • Creating basic plans and concepts
  • Selecting contractors and designers for the project
  • Conducting quality controls at the construction phase
  • Prioritizing schedule and budget
  • Providing status reports to our clients

We also provide construction consultation services after the designs have been drawn but prior to the beginning of the construction (or after you have selected a contractor).

Q: What are the prices and fees for overseas construction consulting?

A: We always prepare estimates after deliberating on the construction consultant services you are looking for. To this end, the costs will consist of technical expenses and fees that depend on the services we will provide.

Q:Any references of previous consulting work done?

A: Yes, we have been working on countless construction projects in the past. Therefore, we can provide you with a list of references you can contract to know more about what we have to offer.

Q: What is a consulting agreement?

A: This is the agreement we will sign with you after you have decided to use the construction consulting services provided by the experts at Accurate Home Services.

Q:How do you guarantee the project results you talk about?

A: We are bonded, insured, and hold membership in various professional bodies for construction consultants. Therefore, you can be sure that we always deliver over and above our clients’ expectations.

Q: What is the difference between an owner’s rep and a construction consultant?

A: Every owner’s rep is a construction consultant but not every construction consultant is an owner’s rep. Owner reps, to this end, have specific roles, like providing assistance and advice to the building’s owner at every stage of the project. On the other hand, construction consultants perform a wide variety of functions related to buildings and constructions.

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