While most are familiar with a general contractor for construction projects, not everyone understands the benefit of having a construction manager. A construction manager is a professional who can offer guidance for construction or remodel projects when you would like to be your own contractor.

Hiring a Construction Manager

There are many advantages to hiring a construction manager over a general contractor. A construction manager is an expert who can oversee a construction project and even coordinate but does not hire the subcontractors. With a construction manager, you will find your own labor crews, but your manager will advise you and the crews throughout the project. General contractors typically get estimates for the labor and materials for your project, then mark up the total to include his or her payment. In contrast, a construction manager will charge you a fee just for their advice and guidance in a project, either an hourly fee or a previously agreed upon percentage of the project total. This can often save you a considerable amount of money, as you are doing the work of finding the subcontractor crews yourself, while not giving up the professional input. Using a construction manager is also a much more transparent process, as there is no room for confusion on cost.

Another benefit of hiring a construction manager, you are able to remain in control of the project. You have more input and know more during the day-to-day of work completion what is happening. You maintain control of which crews are allowed in your home and allowed to work on your home. However, with a construction manager, you are also able to delegate some of the oversight that you would be doing alone if you were your own contractor.

Check References

Using a reputable construction manager with good references can be a great choice for you. While saving some money, you do assume some of the risk, as you find your own workmen. However, especially if you know of skilled workmen and want to manage things more on your own, construction management may be the way to go.