Be it a high-rise building or a single family home, in many cases the foundation of a structure is the most important element.  When the foundation is compromised it can devalue the property aesthetically and structurally creating safety hazards along with additional costs when it comes time to resale.  These problems can go unnoticed until they become major problems for the owner.  Eroding soil from poor drainage, cracks in the foundation allowing moisture to access the rebar, and large trees planted within close proximity of the structure are a few causes that lead to foundation issues.

Foundation Issue Symptoms

A home owner can spot possible foundation issues by simply looking for symptoms around their home inside and out.  Cracks in the foundation in exposed concrete areas like the garage or cracks in the mortar of brick siding can point to possible foundation problems.  The doors around the home can also be indicators when they contact the door frame and don’t close properly and/or they are visually not square with the frame when closed.  Windows can also show these symptoms when a gap may appear between the window frame and the home along with the window becoming sticky or hard to open or close.

We Can Help

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