About Accurate Home Services

The purchase of a home represents the largest single investment most Americans make in their lifetime. Yet surprisingly, the majority of people still buy “on impulse”, basing their selection on the aesthetic appeal of the house, rather than a knowledge of its physical condition.

Informed consumers turn to Accurate Inspect to provide a professional home inspection. For a nominal fee, Larry Ty Fleming will carefully examine the major systems and components of a home and report to the prospective buyer which, if any, repairs are necessary.

Larry Ty Fleming is (ICC) code certified # 5188493-R5 as a Residential Combination Inspector. He is also TREC licensed (TREC # 4860) with the Texas Real Estate Commission with a Professional Inspector designation. In addition to the above, Larry is also designated as a Fee Inspector and able to perform FHA inspections. Larry also performs draw inspections for lenders, phase inspections for new construction, performed inspections for the Texas Residential Construction Commission, and is also a fee inspector for Montgomery County. AccurateInspect has also been selected as a finalist for the Lone Star College System Small Business of The Year 2010 Award.

AccurateInspect is a home inspection company providing the best in professional home inspections. Larry Ty Fleming (owner) is licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission, TREC # 4860. He is also a standing member of the International Code Council and is Code Certified as a Residential Combination Inspector. A Residential Combination Inspector is one who is certified in four areas of residential construction, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, and Structural.

Larry brings a vast amount of experience to your home to help you with your home inspection needs. For the last 20 years, Larry has participated in a wide array of construction trades. In both residential and commercial fields, Larry brings experience in electrical, mechanical, concrete, plumbing, septics, roofing, framing, cabinetry, and finish work.

Larry works hard to provide easy to understand information to his clients. You can rest assured that he works for you, and will give you a complete, unbiased, and honest report. Contact Larry today!

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